Even if you are not a professional sports gambling player, you may still have heard the following terms even once in your life. You may have heard them during movies with sports gambling action in them. So if ever you were wondering what they meant, provided below are some of sports gambling terms and their meanings.

Half time bet – if the first half bet is betting only on the first half of a sporting event, the half time bet on the other hand is placing a bet on the last half of the event.

Handicapper – in sports gambling, there are people who take the game seriously. These are the handicappers. They study and analyze the past outcomes, statistics and present conditions of the sporting event’s participants to somehow make a prediction of the results of the game. Handicapping – this is the act of forecasting the results of a game, practiced by sports gambling enthusiasts.

Handle – in sports gambling slang, this is the sum of the amounts of the wagers that have been placed. Naturally, sports gambling players would like to see larger amounts because that would mean bigger prize for them.

Hedging – this is a strategy of sports gambling players in which they also place bets on the opponent just so they will still get some money if ever they lose. They just want to cast a safety net. After all, sports gambling causes money and if you want to make sure that you will profit in the long run, then hedging is not such a bad thing.

Hot game – when there are a lot of gambling players betting on the same side, then we have a hot game. In the boxing match Mano a Mano, you can say that it was a hot game for sports gambling players because majority of the gambling players bet on Manny Pacquiao to win.

Listed Pitchers – before a baseball game starts, teams submit a list of starting pitchers. If these listed pitchers were not the ones to pitch for their teams first in the actual baseball game, the gambling game is cancelled by the bookie.

Longshot – this is a sports gambling term that pertains to a side that nobody expects to win. It is called as such because that side will take a long shot to win, which in sports terms means a very difficult task. This is similar to the underdog.